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Board of Directors

Tammy Frahman Neumeister - President/Executive Director and Treasurer

Sarah Grimalkin – Vice-President

Jamie LaMantia – Secretary

Amy LaFratta & Maggie Berg – Co-Marketing Directors

Open– Fundraising Director

Working their butts off and reporting to the Board of Directors are these amazing people:

Kaitlyn Palacios & Dakota McCure– Adoptions Coordinator 
Amy LaFratta – Foster Coordinator, Intake Coordinator, Medical Coordinator
Nicole Bowron – Donor Recognition
Sarah Grimalkin – Technical Coordinator
Karen White – Transport Coordinator

Dena Tullis - Art Slave

Rebecca Golz - Small Animal Care Coordinator
Open – Adoption Outreach Events
Open  – Press Releases
Open – Grant Writing
Open – Trap/Neuter/Return

Interested in volunteering or joining us for monthly meetings (with cake)?


At a board meeting, celebrating Community Cat's 10th anniversary!

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