Foster a Cat

Community Cat has no facility so we’re always in need of foster homes to help us save lives!

What Does It Take To Foster a Cat?

A spare space. That’s about it. A spare bedroom, or even a bathroom work great. Most fosters need to be kept separated from your current pets (if you have any) at least until they have received all their wormers and have been tested for certain diseases. Community Cat always remains responsible for their medical care. We will provide food and litter at your request. We do ask that you bring kittens back to us every two weeks for their vaccinations. We also ask that you be available to bring them to adoption events when we have them

What Kinds Of Cats Can I Foster?

Just as we have every type of cat available for adoption, we have every type of cat available for foster!

Foster Adult Cats

We are always in need of foster homes for adult cats. These cats may take a little longer for us to find permanent homes so the foster commitment can vary. These cats are calm and appreciate the fact that they are being given a home before their forever home.

Foster Kittens

Prefer kittens? We have those too! We always need foster homes that will take in moms and litters of kittens during kitten season. You get to experience the fun of kittens without a long-term commitment.


Foster Special Needs Cats

We have a very special group of cats that need very special fosters. These are our medical needs cats and hospice care cats. They require more care, may need to take medications, and may need subcutaneous fluids. We will gladly train you in taking care of a specific cat. Is it hard to foster a hospice kitty when you know they won’t be with you a long time? You bet. Is it rewarding? More than you know! You are blessed to be caring for these kitties in their last days and giving them the love they may not have had before.

Foster Senior Cats

We always have senior cats that need foster homes. These cats are the most calm, caring, and thankful! No kitten crazies! No extended play sessions required to tire them out! They pretty much just want a lap to cuddle in. Seniors are amazing! Think of the difference you can make in the lives of these cats! If you’d like to foster a cat, please fill out our foster application form.