Trap Neuter Return (TNR) of feral and free-roaming cats is Community Cat’s specialty. Scientific research and practical experience show that TNR is not only humane; it’s also the best method we have to fight cat overpopulation.

How It Works
When Community Cat starts a TNR project during breeding season, they remove young kittens and get them into adoption programs. Right away, that makes the colony 30 – 50% smaller. That also means the kittens are spared from a sad fate: most would have never lived to adulthood. Next, the adults are trapped, fixed, vaccinated for rabies and distemper, and returned. The vet also removes a cat’s left ear tip to show it has been fixed and vaccinated.

The result is quieter, cleaner, healthier cats. A local caretaker feeds and monitors the cats – no more dumpster diving, fighting for food, or door-to-door begging. Community Cat is committed to the long term care of the colony and helps the caretaker on an ongoing basis. Please consider a monetary donation to support these services and save lives!

Learn more about trap neuter return with this infographic from Pet Smart Charities

Trap Neuter Return Infographic for Cats